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Catch Basin Cleaning & Repair Connecticut

Standing water in your yard, backyard patio, driveway, or near your foundation, can cause problems of all kinds for your catch basin or ‘storm drain’ and its effectiveness.

The solution to a proper drainage solution and these types of drainage issues is to get the water flowing and away from your house, this may mean more frequent cleaning. Catch basins are the best way to accomplish this, and frequent cleaning can help to reduce the need for repairs.

Keeping your catch basin clean and functioning properly is an important part of your annual maintenance program and will help to prevent any unnecessary floods or property damage.

CT Stormwater Authority will make any necessary repairs to your existing catch basin, ensuring it will remove the rainwater from your residential or commercial property when the heavy rains hit.

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With this vacuum trailer, we are able to professionally clean and empty basins and trench drains. The only way to truly inspect a structure for damage is to empty it! This piece of equipment liquifies all debris and quickly vacuums the liquids out.

Professional Catch Basin Cleaning Services

The importance of regular maintenance and periodical catch basin cleaning can not be over emphasized, as silt & sediment tend to develop which results in clogged storm pipes, and limits the flow of standing water away from your home.

CT Stormwater Authority will provide a thorough inspection and evaluate your standing water issues and design a plan for removing any silts & sediments so the standing water drains away.

Our expert team of trained professionals are adept at digging a trench and installing a drain to pipe the pooling water to a stormwater system.

Once the drainage issue is solved, we fill in the trench and the landscaping and lawn replaced. regular cleaning and repair as necessary are part of a healthy drainage solution.

What is a Catch Basin?

A catch basin is a large drain, designed to catch surface water runoff, and it is usually installed in low areas of a yard.

It is an effective surface drain that drains water to a collection box beneath the ground, that is then connected to an underground drainage system where downspout drains or storm sewers are where the unwanted rainwater is distributed.

The volume of surface water that is to be moved, will determine the number of catch basin drains required, and the design of the sub-surface drainage system.

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What's the Difference Between Storm Drains & Catch Basins?

Most people think that rainwater just magically disappears after a storm, but there’s actually an amazing infrastructure in place to ensure that it quickly and efficiently leaves our property. That’s where catch basins come in.

Catch basins are holes in the ground that catch rainfall or any runoff surface water, and they’re typically found near the roads. Storm drains are a type of catch basin, but they’re designed to deal with more heavy storm runoff and are often found alongside roads.

There’s also a system called storm sewers, which is the sewer system that carries the water away from the catch basins and storm drains. All of this work together to make sure that the sewage system runs as it should and rainwater quickly leaves your property and doesn’t cause flooding or other damage.

Why Catch Basins?

During heavy rains, water can pool and you can have standing water in your yard, and be at risk of flooding in your basement. A catch basin is designed to be able to drain a great volume of water, in a relatively short period of time.

Standing water in your yard will eventually dissipate over time, into the soil, but if that process alone is too slow, you can have puddles and pools of water that are the perfect environment that mosquitoes thrive in.

An abundance of standing water in your yard also increases the odds of water flowing into your house, as water finds the least path of resistance.

Catch basins, professionally installed by CT Stormwater Authority, will move large volumes of water, quickly, even during heavy thunderstorms.

Benefits Of Keeping Catch Basins Clean & Functioning Properly

The primary purpose of a catch basin is to drain water quickly off of your property. This solution to your drainage problem offers several key benefits, including:

Improved Landscaping

Standing water or pooling water ponds in your yard and even simply sustained soggy soil are perfect breeding grounds for bugs & insect growth, plants and trees that drown due to too much water, and mold or mildew growth which can eat away at roots and release rotting odors. Effective lawn drainage can also help prevent expensive topsoil and mulch from washing away.

Draining Rainwater Away From Your House

Rainwater emanating from gutter downspouts, driveways & sidewalks that lean toward your house, or just rainwater that naturally flows toward your foundation needs to be directed and drained away, quickly before ill-effects occur.

Resale Value

Poor drainage causing standing or pooling water in your yard are red flags to potential buyers. The resale value of your home will always be helped by solving these drainage issues prior to listing your home.

Motivated buyers that observe professionally installed drainage systems feel much more confident that they are making a good investment in their new home.

Hire Professional Technicians to Clean & Repair Catch Basins

Now that we’ve explained the benefits of and the reasons catch basins are needed, you might think that this is a job that you could tackle yourself.

Still, others might decide to call a professional drainage expert to maintain and fix the damage, and we strongly recommend this option instead of the first one.

Our highly trained team at CT Stormwater Authority advise our homeowners not to attempt repair projects if you’re not confident in your skills and understanding.

If you have a broken catch basin, and you prefer to leave it to the professionals, contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with a professional inspection and written estimate, and if you go with us, you can rest easy that the work will be done right.

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