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CULTEC Certified Installer for Stormwater Drainage Systems in CT

Connecticut Stormwater Authority LLC is recognized as the “CULTEC Certified Installer” and is officially associated with CULTEC. We provide CULTEC technology and quality stormwater drainage system installation to solve stormwater problems for commercial and residential properties across Connecticut.

Additionally, we also have direct access to CULTEC’s staff engineers for design, allowing us to provide exceptional stormwater drainage resolutions. Various design factors need to be taken into account while installing a custom drainage system that meets the conditions of your property. But, you can count on the certified professionals from Connecticut Stormwater Authority for a fully functional and efficient stormwater drainage system. We are currently serving RiversideOld GreenwichCos CobStamford, and more nearby areas.

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CULTEC Technology

CULTEC is a family-owned and operated company that has been in the drainage industry since the 1950s and is the founder of plastic chamber technology. Their plastic chamber technology addresses stormwater drainage problems in a way no other conventional systems can. Even today, they are still leaders in the field and recognize qualified contractors as CULTEC Certified Installers. Connecticut Stormwater Authority is proud to be the only CULTEC Certified Installer in Connecticut.

Authentic CULTEC Products in Harrison & Riverside

CULTEC's StormFilter® 330

The CULTEC StormFilter® 330 is designed to be a secondary in-line filter system that effectively removes many of the smaller particles not eliminated by conventional structures during the pretreatment process. CULTEC StormFilter® 330 is a pass-through filter system and has welding and a secured solid bottom.

CULTEC's StormFilter® T-80

CULTEC StormFilter® T-80 is a cost-effective filtration unit used to remove leaves and debris from rainwater collected by catch basins or gutters. Rainwater is piped into the end wall of the StormFilter® T-80 and passes through a removable filter. Pollutants are collected within the tank and may be removed by a wet/dry vac. The filter bag may be cleaned or replaced. This compact unit is easy to install and simple to maintain. It is perfect for treating roof and driveway runoff for light commercial or residential applications. When the filter frames are not installed, the StormFilter® T-80 may be used as a holding tank or catch basin.

Warranty Information

As a “CULTEC Certified Installer” and “CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider” we are able to offer the best warranties CULTEC offers. That’s why we offer a 5-year “CULTEC Certified Installer” manufacturer’s extended warranty on all new construction. We take pride in our excellent workmanship and so on new construction, we offer a 10-year warranty on workmanship. For more information visit Warranty Information or call us at 203-633-7475