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Yard Drainage Contractors & Specialists Connecticut

Standing water in your basement, driveway, yard or parking lot? Poor yard drainage isn’t only an aesthetic issue. For one thing, standing water seriously jeopardizes the health of your lawn and landscape plantings. Another frustration: When your property is a swamp, you simply cannot enjoy it. Meanwhile, standing water can actually be a health hazard, as it gives rise to mosquitoes and other pests. Not to mention, excess stormwater may ultimately find its way into your basement, where it creates a host of other costly issues. ‘CT Stormwater Authority’ is your local professional when it comes to property drainage, residential or commercial!

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Rain Gutter Drainage & Cleaning Solutions in Greenwich, Stamford and Darien

‘Connecticut Stormwater Authority’, provides underground gutter drainage cleaning for existing drains as an additional service to our gutter cleaning services. If your home is in need of underground drainage pipes or Stormwater System, we set you up with our Stormwater Engineers here at Connecticut Stormwater Authority.

Some of the signs you may need underground drains are: you are experiencing flooded yards, basements and garages, as well as, foundation damage and rotted wood. When your rain gutters drop rain within the footprint of your home, the water will follow the path of the back-fill into your foundation. When our stormwater professionals come out to your home, they are trained to look for areas where your home may be experiencing problems with poor rain water drainage and/or pooling.


Why Do I Need Yard Drains?

During a rainstorm the gutters will catch all the rainwater from your roof and carry it down to the ground. If your home does not have extensions or underground drains (yard drains), the water will begin ponding next to your home. Over time this water can penetrate your foundation, undermine stairs and patios and cause major damage. Many times, wet basements can be resolved by fixing a broken rain gutter, adding underground drains, or preventing rain water overflow in the gutters.

Gutters draining into high traffic areas such as walkways and driveways often cause slipping injuries. The solution is to take the downspouts underground and away from the high traffic areas. In some cases we even re-route the gutters and downspouts to a different area of the home and then bring them underground to avoid digging up driveways and walkways.

Properly maintaining and regularly servicing stormwater management systems is often required to meet regulations – and just as importantly – so they will work as they were designed.

Stormwater or ‘drain’ maintenance is the final step in ensuring the systems you’ve installed will function properly for years to come so that harmful pollutants are removed from stormwater before it flows back into our water sources. Excessive sedimentation, clogged inlets and outlets, compacted soil, and more can lead to overflows that are harmful to water quality. This can negate the original intent of the stormwater management project. Poor or no maintenance can lead to fines and distrust from the surrounding community like Greenwich and Westchester County.

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Water on Patio/Pool Deck

Water pooling on patio or pool deck, potentially causing moss or mildew growth, concrete staining, and dangerous slip hazards.

Water on Walkway

Water pooling on walkway, potentially causing moss or mildew growth, concrete staining, and slip hazards.

Downspout Runoff

Downspouts draining rainwater directly to the base of your home, potentially causing basement or crawl space flooding and foundation damage.

Water in Basement/Crawl Space

Water pooling near the base of your home and entering the basement or crawl space.

Water on Driveway

Water pooling on driveway, reducing the functionality of your driveway and potentially causing flooding of your garage and/or home.

Water in Planter Area

Water pooling in planter areas next to your home, potentially creating muddy areas and causing damage to your foundation.

Water in Yard

Water pooling in yard, creating muddy areas and potentially attracting mosquitoes and killing grass.

Neighbor Runoff

Water draining from your neighbor’s property and pooling in your yard, planter area, or near your home’s foundation, potentially causing a variety of drainage problems.