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We Handle the Entire Process: Professional Engineer Design Plan, Inspection, Permits & Installation in Fairfield County & Westchester County

CT Stormwater Authority is proud to announce that we, hand-in-hand with CULTEC Inc., have forged a suite of services to install, maintain and support CULTEC’s best-in-class product line and stormwater management systems. As a result, we have been given the “CULTEC Certified Installer” and “CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider” designations. We are the only firm of our kind with these designations.

CT Stormwater Authority’s services include commercial and residential installations of new CULTEC stormwater management systems, maintenance, and a professional engineer’s inspection of CULTEC systems. We also retrofit existing systems, which may include installing inspection portals and filtration units, which prevent leaves and debris from clogging outflow systems and piping.

Stormwater drainage systems require professional maintenance to clean and maintain.

Looking to install a reliable stormwater drainage system for your commercial or residential
property? Have an existing system that needs maintenance or retrofitting? CT Stormwater Authority is the CULTEC Certified Installer and CULTEC Certified Maintenance Provider you can trust. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, Rye, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, Fairfield, Riverside, Cos Cob, and nearby towns in Fairfield County & Westchester County.

Stormwater System Services Performed in Greenwich, Scarsdale and Fairfield Areas:

CULTEC System Maintenance in Fairfield County & Westchester County

Functional Chamber

Maintenance of your residential or commercial CULTEC stormwater management system is critical. Everywhere water travels in this system sediment, silt, and even larger debris (like decomposing leaves) are carried with it. This material is often deposited throughout the early stages of the system and can even find its way into the chambers. Every system is unique and will perform differently, and that will change year to year depending on rainfall and weather conditions. Outside influences can also have an effect like nearby construction, new landscape above or near the system, etc.

For these reasons, municipalities have all created Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans replete with “Operation and Maintenance Logs.” The municipalities mandate that inspections must be completed twice per year by an experienced stormwater drainage system professional and once every 5 years the inspections must be completed by a professional engineer who will need to document the inspection with a formal report.

This is not to be taken lightly! The Town of Greenwich and other Fairfield County towns have begun enforcing this maintenance. During the town building permit process, and as a stipulation of approval, you signed a declaration (now filed with the town) that you would uphold the maintenance of this CULTEC system. The towns are now enforcing this, so make sure you maintain compliance. Failure to comply can result in flooding of your property and/or your neighbors’ property due to system back-up and may affect your CULTEC warranty. The Town of Greenwich and others can also impose fees and/or a lien on your property. This also potentially means a buyer could legally withdraw their offer at closing due to this issue.

Click the image below to see a sample of the letter being sent to properties with stormwater systems here.
Problem Chamber

Your Local Underground Drain Maintenance Solution

CT Stormwater Authority is your turn-key solution! As CULTEC’s EXCLUSIVE CERTIFIED MAINTENANCE PROVIDER,* CT Stormwater Authority will inspect, properly clean, and provide our professional engineer’s report for your stormwater management system.

Once our maintenance crew has performed a thorough cleaning and video inspection, our licensed Professional Engineer will provide a certified, stamped report saying that your stormwater management system has been properly cleaned, inspected, and maintained. We will update your Town of Greenwich (or any other town) Operations and Maintenance Log accordingly. Our documentation will comply with all requirements that need to be fulfilled for the Town of Greenwich. We professionally handle the complete process.

Frequently Asked Questions

It may! Do your gutter system’s downspouts tie directly into PVC pipes or pipe fittings that go underground? Do you see PVC drains around the property or around the house that look like 1’x1′ grates? Do you have a low-lying area or depression on the property with a rock garden? All of these are indicators of a stormwater system in place. That system requires maintenance. If you notice such signs then we highly recommend you call us immediately.
We do everything! The instant you retain our services, our team goes to work for you. We can visit the town hall and retrieve any/all as-built documents, if you do not have them in your possession. After reviewing the as-builts, we’ll schedule a time for a technician to visit the property. The visit will involve a camera inspection to document and identify problems, water jetting to remove the debris, and strict adherence to both the municipal and CULTEC maintenance checklists. If an Engineer’s report was required for your compliance, our Engineer will promptly produce and stamp a professional report after our technicians have achieved the desired results. Our services also can include all town hall filings and document exchanges to make you compliant.

Additional Stormwater Services in Greenwich, Larchmont & Stamford Areas

We offer numerous stormwater solutions including installation of exterior foundation drains, french drains, curtain drains, dry-well, rain gardens, bio-retention ponds, driveway trench drains, manholes, catch basins, yard drains, level spreaders and complete gutter systems.

Start taking care of your stormwater drainage concerns today with a free estimate!

If you own a stormwater drainage system then don’t hesitate. The last thing you need is an unexpected backup or hassle from your local government. From maintenance to installation and retrofitting, we do it all. Whatever you need for your CULTEC stormwater drainage system, CT Stormwater Authority is here to help. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate for our services in Norwalk, Fairfield, & nearby Fairfield County!

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