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Norwalk Stormwater & Underground Drainage Services:

Why is my yard pooling in Norwalk, CT?


Standing water is usually caused by two common problems: poorly draining soil and low spots in the yard. Lawn thatch, the layer of thick dead leaves, roots, and stems between soil and grass, is another culprit.

For a yard with more than one area that floods, you can, or you can opt to direct water from one low-lying area via a trench and a buried perforated pipe, such as the FLEX-Drain 4-inch by 12-foot Perforated Flexible Pipe, to a single rain garden.

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Completed Jobs from Norwalk

We installed (4) CULTEC 33XLHD stormwater chambers to collect and recharge the water back into the earth over time. The volume requirement was calculated by our engineer and the system immediately made a difference with the water in the basement. The client is very happy about the solution we were able to provide.
CT Stormwater Authority located problem areas in the back yard that had no proper stormwater drainage. CT Stormwater installed a perforated pipe connected to both gutter downspouts allowing proper rain flow and drainage to remedy yard flooding.
CT Stormwater created a Stormwater drainage system to handle the heavily saturated soil, which was causing pooling around the home and infiltrating the homes foundation.

Before and After Job Photos Norwalk

October 18, 2022
Norwalk, CT
Customer was having pooling around the property. CT Stormwater created a Stormwater drainage system to handle the heavily saturated soil,…